Aashish Nathwani


My latest passion for the outdoors has got me to start running as much as possible and looking for adventurous days out! I love meeting people, organising socials, and trying new food. I enjoy watching sports of all kinds but my main interests lie in football (a Man Utd fan who doesn’t live in Manchester!), athletics, cricket, tennis and squash.

Favourite Music

All sorts as long as it has the beats to get my head nodding. My appreciation for Jazz is starting to grow.

Favourite TV Shows

Friends will always be my favourite! I can’t miss Match of the Day (football highlights); I have to catch up with the weekly football results!

Favourite Movies

Shawshank Redemption/ Fight Club/ Roots/ Rush Hour 1 & 2/ Home Alone/ any of the Bond films / Pretty Woman (anything with Julia Roberts) …and anything with Rani Mukherjee!

Favourite Food

Pizza Express (start with Bruscheta, Fiorentina pizza and a chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream to finish!). I’m a big fan of Italian, sushi, Nandos and seafood.

Favourite Books

Don’t do novels! Nelson Mandela’s autobiography ‘Long Walk to Freedom’.

Favourite Quotes

Life’s too short, keep smiling (that’s my own)

A little bit about my background

Originally from Kenya, I came to the UK to study Management Science at The University of Kent. Not happy with just an undergraduate degree, I did the Indian thing of becoming an accountant! I currently work within the Financial Services industry in Product Control within Finance and get actively involved in ‘Change the bank’ projects and Change Management.

Why One Cause?

I’ve been involved in several charity events both in Kenya and in the UK. These include helping handicapped children, The Kenya Wildlife Services to raise awareness for endangered animals, fundraising for the care and research of Cancer patients, The Royal Institute of the Blind, raising money for Tsunami and Indian earthquake relief and general charity fundraising relating to Africa.

When the opportunity came up to set up One Cause (initiated by Rajen), I couldn’t decline to be part of a team that all shared the same passion as I did- to help educate the under-privileged and to focus on medium to long term projects. I strongly believe that EVERYONE deserves a chance to Education! The variety of skills within the team provided the perfect springboard to raise the awareness stated in our vision.

At One Cause, we strongly believe that all our donors deserve the best value for their money and that the majority of their donation should go straight to the source. The projects are all scrutinized, project managed and closely monitored…this is the difference that One Cause brings to the community!