Projects 2011-2012

Projects 2011-2012

Projects 2011-2012

One Cause is currently in Year 4 of its programmes at Nirvana.

Nirvana School, Tamil Nadu, India – 2011/2012 Project Status

Sponsor a Child

We have managed to get 53 students sponsored for their education at the school this year and One Cause has sponsored a further 27. At just £70 a year, this pays for their uniform, shoes, books, bags, stationery, exam fees, etc.  Project Complete.

Sponsor a Teacher

We have managed to get 6 key teachers sponsored for at the school this year. This helps the school retain better skilled teachers and tackling the high turnover of teachers at the school that causes endless disruption to the students’ education. Project Complete.

Broadband Connection

We have seen an increase in the use of the internet at the school which compliments our initiative to increase the level of interactive learning that takes place in the school. As a result, we have decided not only to continue with our annual broadband connection, but to increase the bandwidth to cater for the increase usage. Project Complete.

Enhancing the quality of Sports and Physical Education

Sports is one way of allowing a child to develop in other skills, (i.e. leadership, team working etc). This will also give them other areas to focus on at their young age. In 2011, we decided thatto enhance the P.E.T. lesson, Nirvana School should create a football team and a volleyball team. This has proven to be a huge success and will continue for years to come. The school now also has its own football kit to wear during training and matches. Project Complete.

English for all Students

We continue our focus in spoken English particular after looking at the benefits it was having on the children and the teachers. We have continued our funding for an external training provider to come and provide weekly English coaching for all Primary and High School classes. We have also sought a teacher to focus on the Nursery school classes as well. Project Complete.

Interactive Learning

Given our focus on learning ‘outside the box’ interactive learning was a great way to get the children engaged. A team of volunteers at One Cause spent 6-8 months researching and preparing an interactive learning pack specifically for the Nirvana School. Lessons included: learning the times table, Mathematics with dice, Around the world, days of the week, and many more lessons which made learning fun for the children… in fact Pritul, One Cause’s Head of India Programme went to the school and taught some of these lessons to the children. Project Complete.

Group System

We have continued to fund prizes for the group system which helps promote leadership and team working skills as well as motivating the children to achieve the best results. The aim of this project is to split the class into groups so that they can complete against each other to achieve maximum results. Project Complete.

Computing and Computer Maintenance

Given the increase use in computers, it had become evident that the computers were in need for an upgrade. As a result, One Cause has been seeking donors to purchase new computers for the school and this project is expected to be completed during of 2012. Project Ongoing.

High School Library

In 2011, the construction of the Nirvana High School completed and in June 2011, the high school students had started using this new building. As the physical premises was a 10 minute walk away from the Nursery and Primary school, and given that the high school students required a different level of reading books, One Cause funded a new set of library books specifically for the High School. Project Complete.

Science Equipment

Under the local government and the new Pondicherry syllabus, a high school is required to have specific equipment in its science lab so that the children can understand the subject better. One Cause funded a number of different pieces science equipment to enable the children to enhance their science knowledge.

Parents Engagement projects

This year One Cause sponsored a Parent/ Teachers meeting on 10th March 2012. It is vital that we engage parents in their students learning at the school and to encourage more parents to come, One Cause funded the evening with light refreshments including tea and samosa’s as well. Project Complete.

Administration equipment

for effective management and administration of the school, the school needed a printer that worked properly, avoiding journeys into the local town to print documents. Following our appeal, we managed to source a top quality laser jet printer for the school which was delivered in February 2012. Project Complete.

Paper Bags

As part of our initiative to start up a number of social enterprises to create employment in the local village, One Cause decided to complete a feasibility study to create an enterprise whereby local newspapers are recycled and used to make paper bags. After a successful pilot, One Cause is undertaking some further research as to whether the bags could be sold in the UK and subject to this outcome a full operation will be started in 2012. Project Ongoing.

Greeting Cards

One of the social enterprises that the school has started includes the creation of greeting cards made by ex-Nirvana students. The social enterprise is called Jenem Cards. The greeting cards are made from pictures created by the children and sold to the public. The students then donate a percentage back to the school and they get to keep a small amount for them self. Due to the success of the project, part of the profit is being put back into the business to invest in more materials. Project Complete.

Investment in the Adult Education Centre

A big part of our sustainability phase is around the adult education centre and this year we have continued our investment in marketing the Nirvana Adult Education Centre in the local area. Although we have changed the methods, we have seen a marked increase in the number of individuals enrolling on to the courses. Project Complete.

Volunteer Program

The school urgently needs volunteers to help in the many projects ongoing at the school, teaching, administration, etc. One Cause helps facilitate this scheme here in the UK to aid prospective volunteers find areas of activity in which they are interested to help out. This is an ongoing project which One Cause will continue to facilitate. Project Ongoing.