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One Cause was conceived in August 2007 when Rajen (our CEO) was clearing out the drawers in his room, which were full of old unwanted books.

As he stacked all these books, Rajen thought to himself that there must be someone out there who was looking and willing to pay for these unwanted books.

As if he talked to all his friends and family, Rajen could very quickly gather a large number of unwanted books that had value and could be sold online with all proceeds donated to worthy causes.

So he decided to call Kishan to ask if he wanted to help sell these books online. Rajen had met Kishan a couple of years back as part of a team that had organized a charity show. Kishan was intrigued. What initially started as an informal chat about how best to sell the collected books quickly became a serious discussion about the many other ways to leverage their time to raise the maximum amount of money for good causes.

Rajen and Kishan were keen to focus their efforts on education. But now their plans were much bigger and they needed more dedicated individuals who shared their passion for education.

Luckily, they didn’t have to look very far! Both Rajen and Kishan spoke to their closest friends about their plan. Within days Rishi, Aashish, Kunjal and Pritul were all on board and raring to go!

One Cause was officially incorporated on 24th October 2007 and gained status as a UK registered charity on 13th March 2008. While the idea of selling books didn’t really take off, One Cause started running multiple fund raising events (adventure and sport events, charity shows and business seminars amongst others) and launched educational programmes in India and later in Uganda.

The team of 6 slowly expanded with a team of officers that helped to fulfill the vision of the charity. In 2010, Kunjal left the charity to focus on growing his personal business. In 2011, Kiran (previously a One Cause officer) was promoted to the board of directors.

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