20 years old – Carpentry and Joinery Student

Born in a family of 11, we live with our mother, our father passed away.

My mother is very strong, having 8 boys and 3 girls as a single mother I am sure it has not been any easy for her. We all help her with gardening, although she stays longer in the garden. My sisters make breakfast while one of the boys (do it in turns) has to find a place to graze cattle.

School is so fantastic, I love it, in the evening I play with my friends and we try to learn martial arts, although sometimes we get hurt in turn but it’s fun.

I hope that with time we will have a martial arts club so we can learn. Teachers are good especially our carpentry (Mr. Steven) is good; he makes sure all students understand before moving on with lesson. He wants us to have a bright future.

I am sure I will succeed in the field and I will make beautiful chairs, tables and other items for sell.

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