29 years old, parent with 6 children – Tailoring Student

I am a parent with 6 children, and having a chance to be in school at my age is a grand opportunity for me. It’s hectic and tiresome being a parent and student at the same time but it’s worth it.

My husband is a terrible drunkard and I take on most of the responsibilities although he sometimes helps with gardening and grazing cattle.

I usually wake up so early to go to the garden and come back to prepare my children for school, make breakfast and tidy up the home and in the evening I collect fire wood to use for supper and breakfast. I love singing and usually sing while doing the house chores or digging and I never realize how fast time has run or much work I have done

I have made a few friends because I really can’t stay long at school to play.

But I am happy for the tailoring skills I am acquiring, I then can make some money to support my children to get basic needs and scholastic materials because primary education is for free.

I want my children to be happy.

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