18 years old – Tailoring Student

We are 8 children in our family, 2 boys and 6 girls. I am the last born in the family.

All my sisters are married and my brothers have married too. I stay with both my parents, my mother pays my school fees, and she earns the money by cultivating the land. We plant cassava, maize, beans, potatoes.

I love digging and especially when it’s weeding time or preparing the garden when the rains are soon coming.

I love playing netball, I am shooter and every day I aim higher.

My friends are Clare, Silver, they are very helpful especially when I need some stationery like pens, we usually walk back home with silver and this usually makes the journey shorter because we can chat along the way.

I want to be a great fashion designer like the people I see in the magazines, I know it’s a big dream but I can work towards it.

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