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One Cause is currently in Year 2 of its programmes at Auro.

Auro School, Tororo, Uganda – 2011/2012 Project Status

Sponsor a Child

we have managed to get 47 students sponsored for their education at the school this year. At just £70 a year, this will pay for the uniforms for all students, medical check-ups, student stationery and basic consumables pay for their fees that go towards paying the teachers’ salaries.  Project Complete.

Graduation ceremony

This was the first graduation ceremony held at the school for the class of 2010/11 students, which was a great success! The event was celebrated with 400 members from the village including political and religious leaders, the graduates, parents, staff, potential employers and supporting NGOs. Project Complete

Electricity connection

The school is currently not connected to electricity and we have initiated talks with the local MPs to get an electrical grid around the school and the village of Iyoriang. Project Ongoing

Investment in advanced Equipment & Materials

The school also required materials used in the courses such as: garments, lining, zippers, scissors, needles, threads for tailoring course, geometry sets, pit sand, river sand, trowels for the bricklaying course, sandpaper, wood, hammers, saws, mallets, and tape measures for the carpentry course. Equipment such as sewing machines, aprons for the tailoring course, ripping saw, smoothing planes, V-clamps, F-clamps rift saws etc for the carpentry course and trowels, steel floats, wheel barrows, drills, water level etc for the bricklaying course. Project Complete.

Sustain projects

We have invested in a pilot project that generates revenue for the school thereby reducing reliance on external funding. This includes shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers and bags designed and produced by the tailoring team; the school secured an order for desks and chairs which are currently in production. The profits will be shared between the students and teachers involved with a % ploughed back into the school to help purchase additional tools and materials. Project Ongoing.

Agricultural sustenance

The school has recently bought approx 2.5 acres of land close to the current location where the school will slowly be transferred. While we wait for funds to help build the building, the school has used this land to grow crops, which will help drastically reduce costs for the feeding programme that the school uses to provide every student with a daily nutritional meal. Any surplus harvest is sold to generate income for the school. We have encountered a few failed harvests but this is getting better as the knowledge in harvesting increases.

We sponsored an Agricultural expert to help with the choosing and harvesting of the crops. All students were taught the key Agricultural skills and efficient farming techniques as part of their learning. There has been a lot of learning from this and we are confident this is great sustaining project that will help the school be self-sufficient. Project Ongoing

Extra curricular sport

In order to allow students to get involved in other activities outside their normal vocational training, we supplied musical equipment such as Xylophones, Drums, Shakers and Calabashes etc., and sporting equipment such as football goal posts, footballs, whistles, football pumps and a Rounders set. The students now have a compulsory sports afternoon once a week with an additional afternoon for Taekwondo and dance classes. Project Complete

Apprenticeship scheme

Our interest is in the end to end implementation of the courses that we are running in a student’s life. We will be aiming to implement an apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with a local employer. This project will continue to be assessed as the school grows. Project Ongoing.

Sports Day & Parents Engagement projects

It is vital that we engage parents in their students learning at the school.  One Cause has funded a sports days combined with a Parents Day at the school in 2011. Project Complete.

Management training

For a successful institution, it is key that the staff running it have adequate skills.  One Cause sent all the teachers on a teacher training course to refresh their teaching experience and also sent the administration staff on courses that would help in the day to day administration of the school.

Volunteer scheme

The school urgently needs volunteers to help in the many projects ongoing at the school, teaching, administration, etc. One Cause helps facilitate this scheme here in the UK to aid prospective volunteers find areas of activity in which they are interested to help out! We have 3 volunteers joining one of the directors on a visit to the school in May 2102! Project Complete

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