Uganda – Auro School

One Cause also operates at Auro Technical School in Iyoriang, Tororo, Uganda.

While Nirvana School had already been established for many years before we began working with them, the Auro Technical School is in its infancy. It was set up in 2010 by Auro Foundation, and One Cause has been with them since the start of this journey.

Located in Iyoriang village (30 minutes by dirt road from Tororo), the area does not have electricity and most of the local community are small scale farmers. Their children are often forced to abandon their education to help the parents out on their farms. As a result, most children have not studied past primary school. When we arrived; drugs and early pregnancies were some of the problems impacting the local community.

The potential to make this a thriving community with education at its centre is huge and that’s one of main reasons why we supported the creation of a skills centre in this village. And within the past couple of years, we’re already beginning to see a difference. We’ve sponsored the education of many students, invested in books and equipment for vocational training.

We’ve been on site and found the local community to be very willing to engage with us to develop something special.

To find out more about the current One Cause projects at Auro, click here.

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