The Problem

A lack of education denies us our freedom to choose the kind of life we want to lead; it robs us of our potential and closes many doors of opportunities that otherwise may have been open. This loss of potential is suffered not only by the individual but also the community and in turn a country’s social and economic development.

The unfortunate fact is, a lack of education will further feed the poverty problem, and poverty keeps children out of school. It’s a vicious circle.

Many unprivileged children can’t go to school for reasons as simple as the cost of a uniform or the price of a ride to school.

And if they do graduate, it’s difficult to get a job, because their incomplete education hasn’t taught them skills that employers are looking for.

Without our help, communities like these will not have a meaningful future. The harsh reality of this situation is that without a decent school to go to, many of these children will end up roaming the streets day and night. This kind of environment won’t stimulate the mind of a child at a critical stage in their life…a stage that will literally shape their future. Not only will they get caught up in the same trap their parents grew up in, they’ll also be exposed to social evils that can ruin a child’s development.

A worrying study in India that reflects these views. A statistical analysis showed that in four of the five regions studied, men with five years of education or less were 2-3 TIMES more likely to abuse their wives than men with more than 5 years of education. Hopefully, by bettering the population’s access to education and employment opportunities, there will be improvements in MANY aspects of family life, including the prevention or reduction of family violence.

Without education, we would see high unemployment, child labour, homelessness, crime and disease…and the list can go on and on. While the world around them is changing, an area can remain STAGNANT decade after decade. We’re not saying that every child without an education will turn to crime or start a family too early. We’re saying that education is the ROUTE OUT of poverty.

If one child today receives an education that society values, it will start a butterfly effect that will eventually trickle down to their children and their children’s children. A thirst for knowledge that lasts for generations will not only increase their economic power, but also make them proud members of society. Along with many other factors, it is one of the prime ways that people from unprivileged backgrounds can lift themselves out of the cycle that they find themselves stuck in through no fault of their own.

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