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Below you will find our quarterly update on all the different projects and activities we are running at the Nirvana School.

Last update: October 2012.

Sponsor a Child

This year, we agreed to sponsor at least 120 children at Nirvana school – so far we have managed to find 88 donors. With 32 children left to sponsor this year, we still need your help!

It costs £82 to sponsor a child. Click on current projects to find out what each child gets for the £82.

Annual Broadband connection

When we agreed to install broadband into the High School, we thought it would be as straight forward as signing a contract with a local broadband service provider! Instead, we came across a number of hurdles, not least trying to arrange a time and date with the service provider to come into the school to test the infrastructure and confirm whether line could be installed. This may sound like a simple problem to solve, but I can assure you it hasn’t been without its challenges. But as they say… no pain no gain!

After consistent dedication by staff at Nirvana School, we have now managed to secure a broadband line and work is underway to install it into the high school. This is a great achievement and will bring huge benefits to the school!

English for all Students

Due to issues in recruiting an English teacher, we agreed to continue our project to have an external training provider undertake weekly English coaching for all students within the Primary and High School. This started at the beginning of the year and has been extremely successful to date.

Due to changes in the national curriculum and some interesting ideas from the headmaster, he decided to re-shape the syllabus (provided by the external training company) for the 10th standard (children ages between 13 and 15). Standard 10 are sitting their public exams for the first time this year and because of this, the headmaster wanted to ensure that they were given the wide level of training to cover different topic area. The syllabus has now been agreed with the training provider and classes have just started with the new syllabus.

We are still looking for recruit a new English teacher for a permanent basis.

Enhancing the quality of Sports and Physical Education

We decided to build up on the quality of physical education we started last year and agreed to:

  • Upgrade the school equipment;
  • Assist with the recruitment of a new teacher; and
  • Arrange a fun sports day for the school.

Recruitment has been challenging – the level of qualities that we have been looking for in a sports teacher has been difficult to find.

We are also in the process of organising a sports day at the beginning of October for both the high school and the nursery school.

Interactive Learning

After receiving feedback from the interactive learning pack we created last year, it was obvious that the lessons that were created were a huge success. We are currently in the process of creating a new interactive learning pack for this year using new methods including the huge opportunities available on line!

Batteries and Power Back up

We agreed at the beginning of the year that a long term solution for power back up was required. Although batteries provided a good source of power, they were expensive and required changing every 3-4 years.

We have agreed to provide 12 batteries to the school, however, we are also undergoing a feasibility study to ascertain whether it would be beneficial for the school to implement a solar solution for its power back up when electricity fails. We are currently waiting for some quotes and results from some research in order to make a decision shortly.

Water Filter

After the cyclone, we funded a new water filter to replace the damaged one from the cyclone. This is now installed, up and running.

Parent-Teacher Functions

We have been working with the School to arrange an event to bring parents and teachers together to engage the parents with their child’s education. We feel that this is essential to the children’s development and if we can get the parents to understand the benefits of education and what their children are doing at the school, they will be all the more successful in their studies.

In August we held a parent’s evening so that parents were able to learn the progress their child had made and discuss progress with the teachers.

Management Support

We have been looking to recruit an individual on a part-time basis to help One Cause implement its projects at the school. In the interim, the computer teacher, Gopu has been helping One Cause do market research and implement the projects.

Vocational Training Centre

Computer Training Course: We have been doing some market research in the UK and locally to find out what type of curses to offer as part of the Computer Training package. Further work is still to be done before we start implementing any solutions.

Tailoring Course: This has been ongoing for the last 3 years and has been very successful. We are now concentrating on getting more people into the course and have started advertising on auto rickshaw’s.

Typewriting Course: We are waiting for the final quote for the equipment and books and once received we will ask the school to start purchasing the items. Once everything has been bought, the course will start in the New Year.

Adult Education Centre Marketing

For the adult education centre we have started advertising the tailoring course on auto rickshaw’s and will start the typewriting course as soon as the equipment has been purchased and the Adult Education Centre is ready to take in new applicants.

We have noticed that the most successful responses for the Adult Education Centre is from the marketing which started from February onwards and therefore we are looking to start most of the marketing initiatives in the New Year.

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