Jeeva with the team at Jenem Cards

Jeeva also started school with Elumalai in the first class outside Mrs. Samani’s home. He is Elumalai’s childhood friend and the one who introduced Elumalai to Mrs. Samani and the school when they were both six years old.

Jeeva studied until 12th standard at Nirvana but failed that year and decided to start working in a watch company. During the summer holidays, Elumalai was working at the school but Mrs. Samani encouraged him to also work part-time at a greeting cards company to gain some additional work experience.

While working at the cards company, Elumalai used to send work to a particular printer. That printer asked Elumalai if he would like to work for him full-time. As he was still in school, Elumalai decided to recommend Jeeva for the job instead.

So in 2001, Jeeva started working at the printing company, and through his hard work and perseverance; he has risen to the Chief Operator of the entire company.

Jeeva does all the printing for Nirvana School and plays an active role in Jenem cards (A social enterprise funded by One Cause to help ex-students and the local community). He’s also continuing his education part-time at the Nirvana Adult Education Centre and helps out at the school whenever needed. He’s also in the middle of building a new house for his family.

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