Elumalai has been involved with Nirvana School since its very beginning. He was one of the students that were first taught when Mrs Samani (Masi) started tutoring children outside her house, and he’s been with the school ever since.

Masi took him under her wing and coached him. After he finished his early schooling, she gave him a job at the school where he started out as an administrator. She encouraged him to go back into education, and Nirvana ended up sponsoring him through college.

Through Nirvana, he managed to get a Bachelor of Education.

Elumalai has and continues to play a variety of roles at Nirvana School. He continues to assist Masi in the various tasks at the school, with no task being too big or small! One Cause assisted him in setting up a social enterprise (Jenem Cards)which he runs part-time with a few other ex-Nirvana students in the local area. A proportion of the profits are donated back to the school.

Through his hard work and savings, Elumalai built his own house, with Masi’s help right next door to Masi. In his house (shown right), he has installed full water and heating facilities and built it from scratch – it took a few years but it was worth it.

Ever energetic, Elumalai is one of the main volunteer co-ordinators at the school – all volunteers at the school fondly remember his ever smiling and ever helpful personality. And even with his busy schedule, he kindly helps us co-ordinate our projects at the school! He always has time for you.

In 2011, Elumalai got married to Nisha and in 2012 his beautiful daughter, Pranitha was born. Even with a busy personal life, his commitment and dedication to the Nirvana School still remains solid.

Through his hard work and perseverance, he continues to ascend to new heights, always looking onward and upward and through the sponsorship of One Cause; he attained a Masters in English in 2012.

Good luck Elumalai!

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