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Improving IT literacy at Nirvana School

Problem statement: Computer literacy at Nirvana school (teachers and students) is poor. Nirvana students do not get a comprehensive and recognized computer training. Students do not have a technological edge over students from other schools (compared to other schools in Tamil Nadu). Teachers do not know how to use computers.

Solution: Implement a recognized training curriculum at the school. Train the teachers. Incentivize students by providing interactive training and certificates. Make it fun!

How One Cause is tackling this problem:

1. Implementation of recognised IT certification for ALL classes from Kindergarten to High School.

One Cause partnered with one of India’s largest training providers (NIIT) to introduce an interactive IT learning solution for each class at Nirvana, tailored to Indian education board requirements. Students get certificates on successful completion of each year’s syllabus.

2. Implementaion of IT training for ALL teachers at Nirvana school One Cause ran an “introduction to computers” course for all teachers at Nirvana School in June 2013. Need for follow up courses for teachers will be reviewed throughout the year

3. Increased investment in computers at Nirvana Schoool.

Our longer term aim is to have 50 computers in the two computer labs at Nirvana School, and a computer in each class – that’s 75 computers. In 2013, we will look to add 20-30 computers at the school.

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