London Marathon 2009

“My Experience of the London Marathon” – By Ed Cahill (June 2009)

2009 Marathon Runners

With the London Marathon over I thought it was time I write a report on the day’s events. Firstly, thank you very much for all your generous donations, it is really appreciated and I know One Cause is delighted with the money raised.

So far I have raised £1,635 and this is before over £250 in Gift Aid that the charity will receive in due course.

Once we all begun to cross the start line lots of chanting and motivational singing started. However, after the first 4 miles this soon dried up, likely as a result of the realisation that we were going to have to keep this up for another 22.2 miles… and it certainly wasn’t getting any cooler!

The crowd’s support was a fantastic experience and I was astonished by the number of people every metre of the way! The regular water and Lucozade Sport stations were life savers; and I found sachets of ‘Torq’ carbohydrate gels, in particular the variety with caffeine in that I took towards the end really did work and gave me a much needed boost! I have to say the last couple of miles were excruciatingly painful on the knees and at the time a distinctly unpleasant experience. It literally felt as though my knee caps were about to pop out! They only just had enough left in them for a 400m or so sprint finish. I managed a time of 4h 17m, 20 minutes… slower than I had hoped as the heat certainly didn’t help. I am pleased to report that I am now fully recovered; I found stairs rather challenging for first few days. Not so much up but going down. It was quite embarrassing waddling around the Underground!

Finally I have to take my hat off to the fancy dress runners and elite athletes whose performances were truly phenomenal!

To be able to run in some of those costumes at Marathon distance or maintaining sub-5-minute miles over the entire course is quite frankly unbelievable!

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