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One Cause officially launched itself to a night of “mystery & challenge” on Saturday March 29th 2008. Over 120 intrigued guests attended the event at Harrow High School, sitting down in groups of eight around “Team Tables” that provided coloured pens, paper and drinks. As curious attendees settled into their chairs, they could see that this was going to be no ordinary event.

The evening began with a lively introduction from the One Cause Chairman Kishan Vasani, who introduced the host for the night, Kimberly Hare of Kaizen Training. Kim started the night with a team-building “Bamboo Drop” exercise.

The groups of eight were each given a long, thin bamboo stick. Four stood on either side of their bamboo, tentatively balancing the stick with two fingers from each hand. When Kim explained that all they had to accomplish was drop the thin bamboo stick to the ground, they all smiled thinking, “This is going to be easy…”

They were wrong. The sticks were unbelievably light, and lowering the stick to the ground as a group was a frustrating challenge as it kept bouncing up. One team quickly managed to grasp the exercise. Working efficiently as a team, they swiftly completed the exercise and were the proud winners of the coveted travel quiz books that the One Cause team had announced as the prizes.

The next part of the evening was a creative exercise that challenged the participants to brainstorm and come up with suggestions for “The Perfect School”. We saw some wonderful suggestions and took the ideas on board. Amongst them were engaged, passionate teachers, access to technology and discipline as a priority, a high number of class trips, and a wide range of vocational subjects to learn.

After the “packed lunch” meal consisting of Indian snacks and treats, the audience came back to the second part of the exercise. Now the teams were asked to think about the challenges developing countries face when trying to build schools. Again people came up with some interesting points for example infrastructure problems, corruption, and inadequate funding. By now everyone was beginning to see how difficult a challenge it is to provide even a basic education in these countries. This is One Cause’s challenge too.

Next, the six members of the One Cause team came on stage and introduced the audience to the newly launched charity. The guests heard of their commitments to improving the Nirvana School in Pondicherry, India. Their main targets, amongst others, were improving the standards of English in the school, a long-term plan to build a water sanitation plant within the grounds, and a plan to provide 20 Internet ready computers. As stated by the team, their step-by-step 5 year goal was to establish a self-sustaining community, which was very well received by the guests.

The night closed on a high, with the audience generously donating £3,457 and sponsoring the education of 33 children.

We would like to thank Kimberly Hare for presenting the event, as well as the volunteers who gave up their time to ensure that the event went smoothly. Special thanks also goes to our sponsors, Kaizen Training, PJ Assurance Agency, Suncrest Drinks and Colourpress.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events.

To see pictures from our launch night click here

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