Zipwire drop, abseil, parachute descender and a bungee jump – all in a days work!

Arjan Groen, one of the participants at our Adventure Day last year talks about his experience of the event………………. read on!

WOW! That was some day… December 3rd 2011 will go into history as my highest-on-adrenaline day! And for an adrenaline junky like me that says a lot. This is what happened…

Arjan in action!

During my EMBA at London Business School I learned from my study friend Rajen about a UK charity called One Cause. They work with children in developing countries like India and Uganda and help them get access to meaningful education. Their motto is: “Education is the answer to Poverty” and that hit home with me…. Education IS the answer to poverty. The great Chinese Philosopher Confucius (one of many) already knew this 2500 years ago when he said:

“Give a man a fish and he can eat a day;

Teach a man how to fish and he can eat forever;

Teach a man how to learn and he doesn’t have to eat fish every day.”

The last sentence was added later, source unknown, and is not in the original but that says it all for me. So when Rajen told me that OneCause UK organised an event to raise money and that it was “adrenaline fuelled” I immediately said yes! The cost for the event I paid myself and friends and family were so kind to donate.

And that is how I ended up in a car with Rishi, OneCause’s Marketing Director, and 4 other heroes on my way to Sheffield. The Magna Centre (an old Iron/Steel mill) was the place where it all would happen. A ZipWire drop, Abseil, Parachute descender and the major act, a 150 ft bungee jump…. ! Clearly the bungee would be the scariest part of the day and very logically they positioned that at the end. Throughout the day we heard the continuous screaming of other people jumping. It wasn’t always clear if that was because of excitement or out of fear…..;-\

The build up to that single moment was orchestrated excellently and everybody in the group went through all the stages. Rishi and a few other supporters took care of us very well while we went through each event, one by one…. always the bungee jump in the back of your mind and the screaming in the front of your ears…;-(

The Parachute descender is from the same platform as the bungee so we had an idea of what was coming… how high 150 ft really is. And then you walk up the stairs to the platform. While he buckles you up the instructor is talking to you and you do what he says but you are not really there… “Am I really doing this?”..”Is this really safe?”…and many more things go through your mind. But you want to do it for the Cause and I knew the kick would be enormous. So slowly I walked up to the edge, don’t look down Arjan, don’t look down…. and standing on the edge the instructor counts you down….5…4…3…2…1…bungee! And I jumped……. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW!!!!!!!!! Bounce………..YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! more bouncing….THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!….more bouncing and gently they bring you back to earth….


Just typing this brings back the feeling and if they sold that in a bottle I’d take it every month 😉

Thanks OneCause, thanks Rishi and the supporters, thanks friends and family that donated… this was GREAT and I know the money that we raised will be used very well.


Arjan Groen


Have a look at the pictures from our Adventure Day:

Would you be interested in participating in a similar event for One Cause? If you are, please contact us at [email protected]!

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