We are currently leading a three pronged drive to increase IT literacy at Nirvana School. 1. Last month, we signed an agreement with NIIT, one of the largest IT training providers to provide Nirvana with leading edge interactive IT learning software and text designed to teach the CBSE approved ICT curriculum for all classes, BEGINNING with the kindergarten classes. Project Complete. 2. Some of our teachers had NEVER used a computer in their life! We brought in professional trainers to run IT workshops for ALL Nirvana teachers. The Nirvana IT teacher also ran a few more workshops after this. Project Complete. 3. Now we are replacing old computers and at the same time increasing the number of computers at the school. Our aim is to bring in 50 more computers at the school in the next 12 months. And we’re almost half way there! The combined efforts of our Mumbai One Cause team’s local campaigns to get donations of used laptops and our purchases of refurbished laptops in London have so far yielded 23 laptops! Here are 7 refurbished laptops that we have just received! These will be delivered to the school by volunteers later this week! 27 computers to go!

via One Cause https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151735389839875&set=a.392098894874.172451.118407394874&type=1

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