TOTAL Solar at Nirvana School

Last year we told you about the second phase of our solar project at Nirvana school which was the installation of solar power in the High School (the primary school solar power was completed in 2014). This week we are proud to announce the completion of the installation of solar power in the High School – Nirvana is now running on TOTAL SOLAR. A huge thank you to all of our supporters and donors and a special thanks to the American School of London for their particular support on this project.

The installation commenced in December 2015 with the change in some peripheral appliances such as the fans in each classroom so that they are compatible with the solar panels. We then went on to install the solar panels and associated wiring throughout December and January. As you can imagine with a large tasks with many hurdles on the way which the team overcame with dedication.


Speaking to Elumalai (Headmaster of Nirvana Primary School) back in 2015 he said “Solar power has transformed the way we work, we usually get a power cut around 9.00-9.30am each morning and then later in the afternoon. Some classes can continue in the dark but during the summer it gets really hot and so the children just go to sleep. Now we can continue the lessons with an uninterrupted power supply. What’s even better is that this is real advanced technology which the children can even learn about, so we take classes up on the roof to look at the actual solar panels which the children really enjoy”.


20160125_153621 (Medium)

What’s even better is that the High school solar project includes an additional component called a ‘Net Meter’ which exports any excess electricity generated by the school back to the Electricity Grid. The school receives credit for every unit sent back to the grid! So what does this mean in practice? Well, if the school ever has to switch on the electricity due to insufficient solar power, any electricity bills raised as a result of this will be offset against the credits it has earned from exporting the electricity back to the grid. Basically zero (or close as possible) electricity bills for Nirvana school!

This is a MASSIVE milestone for Nirvana. Not only have they managed to reduce overall overhead costs for the school, they have taken a huge leap towards a sustainable future. Children will no longer working in dark classrooms, 40 degrees heat with no fan or electricity – solar power is giving all the children a bright future and helping Nirvana school sustain themselves.

Watch this space for more pictures and videos of TOTAL Solar for Nirvana

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