Two weeks to go! There are still a few renaming tickets for our musical evening with JIYA and guests on December 22, 2017 at Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip. We have planned an evening of cutting edge music from some of UK’s finest artists with a fusion twist on Bollywood and fusion music. The composition will be led by renowned UK band – JIYA, joined by guests including Drupti Vaja, Robin Christian and Ranit Shail. You can get tickets here:

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A trip of a lifetime by Andy Marchant

Nirvana School aims to provide holistic education to all its students. We believe academic success should be matched by a rich and diverse extra curriculum programme in order for children to maximise their potential. To this end, and following my time as a volunteer teacher at Nirvana, the school willingly accepted my invitation to arrange a visit to the UK for three children from the 10th Standard – Hallazi Bivy…

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The Nirvana Nursery School assembly space is in the process of being transformed! We have partnered with UK based fitness charity Fit4Nothing ( to transform this into a nice space containing a mini playground, assembly area, a play sandpit and best of all, some fun rides! Watch the space!

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British 10k – the start of my marathon journey

How does one train for the marathon from scratch ie from never having run before? Rajen, our CEO talks about his “accidental” running journey from a 10k race to the London marathon.

Coming from a nation filled with running talent where even an unknown runner could go and win a race at the global race, I was the other extreme of the talent scale.

I had never run…

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