Looking to make contact with tailoring factories and construction firms in Jinja or Tororo looking to hire tailors, plumbers and bricklayers…. we have a talented graduate force at Auro School! Please forward on or send us a message if you have any contacts in these areas, team OC will be in Uganda later this month!

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OC board meeting last night. Some amazing discussions on how we plan to beat poverty. Any suggestions?

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Meet The Founders

We are proud of what we have achieved over the 6 1/2 years we have been around. But rather than hear it from us, we thought who better to hear it from than the schools we are helping in Uganda and India.

Hence we have a FREE special event in Kingsbury on 31st August (arrival for 1.30pm, starting at 2pm) for our OC fans, where the founders of the schools…

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Reconnecting – our November update!

Check out our latest newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/IYhyn

You can sign up to get the latest OC news by going to this link now: https://www.onecauseuk.org/get-involved/talk-to-us/

Please sign up now and support One Cause
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It’s Ride100 tomorrow! The largest cyclothon since the Olympic games and our OC riders are raring to go in their new bright orange jersies! Thanks to Alex Malzer, Richard Fretwell, Graham Dewberry and David Reynolds for cycling for one cause. Please come and support!!!

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TGIF! Time for our fun filled caption! Here’s a picture of our own pritul shah doing something to raise money for OC. Leave your captions for this picture below! He does look a little scared doesn’t he?:)

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