The public examination results for the 10th Standard Nirvana students have just come out this morning…. We are VERY PROUD to announce that all 19 students passed the exams! Not only that – around HALF of all students scored over 80% with 3 students scoring over 90%! Congratulations to all the 10th Standard students for their hard work – you have made your parents, the school and many others very proud today! Special congratulations to their teachers, the Nirvana High School headmaster Ranjit Kumar and the management at Nirvana School for the months and months of hard work they put in – they worked extra hours for almost the whole year, putting in that extra time to ensure that each student got the quality education they required for this tough board exam. It’s all paid off!! Pictures, etc to follow as we get them!! Education Is The Answer To Poverty!

via One Cause

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