Support the marathon runners – by Nimisha Sachdev

marathon runners


On April 26 at 7.15am, I eagerly waited on the platform for the tube. I was meeting the One Cause team and runners in the second carriage of the Jubilee line to go to Greenwich. The tube journey is always interesting. Having run the marathon a few years ago and since then going every year to support the runners, my excitement is always renewed. Everyone has different motivations for running the marathon but on the day feelings are shared by everyone. The carriage was filled with a mixture of the runners’ emotions from nervousness to excitement that the big day had finally arrived. And that’s not surprising after months of physical and mental preparation for this one day, where you will push your physical and mental abilities beyond your self-created boundaries, run 26.2 miles and complete the London Marathon.

The rain that day didn’t dampen the atmosphere as London came together. There was a sense of camaraderie and the energy was charged with positivity which was truly uplifting. Next year, if you’re not running yourself (!) I’d really encourage you to support other runners and see and experience the London Marathon for yourself. The runners really appreciate all the encouragement, as that’s what drives them through the toughest parts of the course right to the finishing line. You’ll find yourself cheering, singing and even dancing whilst supporting the runners. You’ll never forget this experience and who knows the runners may even inspire you to run the following year 😉

I’d like to congratulate all the One Cause runners on successfully completing the marathon and to Piyush who completed his 50th marathon…now that is inspiration!

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