Running 56 miles – in the name of charity!

We recently had 4 runners attempting the London Marathon for us.

Now we have a runner who is attempting to run 56 miles (yes you read that right – over twice the marathon distance!) for us. Read on to hear more about him and the race….

Piyush Gudka from Stanmore, Middlesex, has run several marathons… in fact, he has run 34 marathons and he still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Piyush coaches beginners at running marathons – he has coached several One Cause marathon runners including our directors Aashish and Rajen over the past few years. Like vintage wine Piyush gets better with age and that also includes bigger challenges.

How about the next BIGGEST challenge … The Comrades Marathon in South Africa? 56 brutal miles, 5 torturous climbs and a ruthless clock. For most people this could really be the greatest challenge; the premier ultra road race in the world!

Animal lovers can name Africa’s “Big Five” in a flash but the Comrades ultra-marathon runners have its Big Five hills–Cowies, Fields, Bothas, Inchanga, and Polly Shortts etched in their memory forever. These names can bring tears to anyone who has attempted this race as the painful memories of these hills bring an instantaneous flashback.

The runners have 12 hours to complete the course and there are a number of cut-off points along the route, which runners must reach by a prescribed time or be forced to retire from the race. This is no ordinary challenge! It comes with a strong health warning just as one would see at the back of a bottle of homemade Jamaican hot sauce with habanero peppers.

Piyush is under-taking this ultimate challenge to help raise money and awareness for 2 charities:

1. Our charity – One Cause, and

2. Fit 4 Nothing, a charity founded by Pyush that helps individuals improve their mind and body through exercise (, and  

Piyush’s willingness to take on this mammoth challenge hopes to raise awareness of the importance of exercise in today’s busy lifestyle and promote One Cause’s slogan of Education is the answer to Poverty.

This man is crazy! The only thing you can do is support his craziness and help him raise money for his 2 chosen charities:-)

His fund-raising site:

Many thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “Running 56 miles – in the name of charity!”
  1. Kiran says:

    This is totally amazing….Good Luck Piyush!

  2. Anonymus says:

    This guy is very inspirational… and Crazy!!! Running seems to be his favourite pass time with no challenge too small.

    Good luck

  3. anandi says:

    wow thats I have to do you know what….

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