Ready, get set, go!

The Olympics may have come and gone, but Nirvana School has just hosted its own sports day!

On Saturday 13 October 2012, the school held a sports day for all the children of the school at their new High School playground. It was a fantastic and eventful day with over 25 games played, including volleyball, football, kabadi, shot put, long jump and kho kho.

The event was scheduled to start at 9am but the excitement got too much for the students and most came in from 7am to start practicing for the games! Yes you read that right – 7 am!

The teams were split into different ‘Houses’ (teams) -two houses for girls and two houses for boys. The competitive spirit ran high with each house fighting hard to win the prizes up for grabs and come out on top!

One Cause sponsored the day with snacks and refreshments for all our budding sports stars and prizes for the students that came first, second or third in the various sporting events. Thanks to another donor, the children were also served with some cool refreshing ice cream which topped the day off.

This is what Prem Raj, a 10th standard student thought about the day:

“Sport is not just an entertainment. It’s the one which lead us to a healthy life. I want to share an unforgettable event that is our sports day. The sports meet was started at 9 o’ clock. We walked from High school campus to our new play ground. When we entered the ground we were stunned. They were marking net boxes and lines in the ground. There were 4 houses for the sports meet. 2 houses for boys and 2 houses for girls.

The games began at 9.30 am. The first game was volley ball. Our correspondent tossed coin for the game. The match was best of 3. Blue house of boys had won the first event. The second game was Kabadi. Again the blue house boys won the game.

Then the game began for girls, blue house girls won the event of Kho-Kho and they also won the event of handball.

Last but not the least game of Marathon, shot put and long jump was held, our school provided Ice creams and snacks for all student.

After playing all games our teachers started volley ball and shot-put. The event was ended in a spectacular way.

We really enjoyed the whole day.”

Sports is a huge benefit for the school – in addition to helping in physical well-being, it helps build inner confidence in our students and it is a way for them to make new friends and have fun!

We’re always looking for fun, innovative ways in which we can include sports in the day to day learning of our students in India and Uganda – please do drop us a line with any suggestions that you may have!

Check out more pictures from the sports day here

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