Meet Ragu Ragu completed a desktop publishing course at Nirvana’s adult education centre 3 years back. The One Cause funded course provided young adults that had decided not to continue with formal education with an alternative vocational qualification that could lead to job and entrepreneurial opportunities. After completing the qualification, Ragu’s new skills landed him a role at a Pondicherry printing company where he acquired valuable work experience. And four months ago, Ragu became an entrepreneur, opening up his own printing business where he designs wedding cards, posters, election pamphlets, etc. Rajen visited him this week at his shop which is a five minute drive from Nirvana school and he showed Rajen some of his work. Ragu has also hired a fellow Nirvana desktop publishing graduate, Ashok, to help him out as he establishes his new business! You can view some of his work at And if you need any printing design, you know who to contact! Education Is The Answer To Poverty.

via One Cause

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