How a School Dinner Raised £100,000?

“Martha Payne was enterprising school girl. So when she sat down with her dad to figure out what she could do for her school writing project, they both decided it would be a great idea if she started a school dinner blog.

Every day Martha would take a photo of her school meal and describe how appetising or awful it is; this would allow Martha to develop writing skills.  She would also score the meal out of 10 and count the number of mouthfuls it takes to eat it.


This simple and brilliant idea started a community around her blog attracting media attention from national newspapers, celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and even pupils from other schools. People all over the country started interacting with her and even sending her their own pictures.

But days later Martha was told her blog had to stop. The local council thought the blog would damage the schools meal service.

Thankfully, after a worldwide response with the support of celebrity chefs, the ban was lifted.

With all the media attention her blog was receiving, it soon became a money spinner. But being the generous girl she was, she decided to donate money made from the blog to a charity, Mary’s Meals (a charity that provides meals for school children for in Malawi and other countries), so that they could pay for a kitchen that costs £7,000 to build.  However, her blog became so big, that since April she has now raised over £100,000!

Martha celebrated hitting the £100,000 mark by holding a small porridge party with her family since Mary’s meals feed porridge to children at its largest project in Malawi to encourage children to attend school.

Thanks to Matha’s efforts, she is transforming the lives of the worlds poorest children and attracting then to education. Hopefully we can do the same! So please support our blog and get interacting (like the post, leave us a comment) with us on here or like our facebook pages and twitter pages. Links are below”

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