April 2015: Latest news from Auro Technical School

David Otoa gives us an update on developments at Auro School…

David Otoa

The final term of the 2014/15 academic year began at Auro Technical School in January and, last month, I visited the school for the first time this year. One of the most notable recent developments is the connection to the national electric grid. Thanks to a donation of solar…

40 years on.. my first trip back to Uganda (by Piyush Navinbhai Patel)

The three of us travelling to Uganda. From Left – Dilip Patel, Aashish Nathwani and me.

As we drove to Kampala upon arrival in Uganda, my senses immediately brought back memories of my childhood spent here. We went to the exchange bureau and the staff were shocked at the

Uganda’s Got Talent.. and Grade 5 White Waters!

The white waters at Jinja!

After an intense week at Auro school in Tororo district, Uganda, our team drove back to Kampala feeling very tired and drained.

There was a surprise on the way – white water rafting at Jinja! The source of the Nile and a Grade 5 whitewater, one of the wildest white…

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Interviewing new students at Auro technical school

All this week, Aashish (our Uganda director) has been at Auro technical school with two fantastic volunteers (Dilip and Piyush). Among their tasks this week, they had to interview the new batch of students wishing to study at Auro for the coming year. He provided us with a few notes on his experiences below.

Due to the sheer no of potential…

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Auro Uganda Graduation Ceremony

Aashish (our Uganda director) was there at the ceremony for all our graduating students this week. This was his description of the event:

We had the Graduation ceremony on Monday. This was a fantastic event! The kids and the parents were all very happy and very proud!

All students wore graduation gowns which were all made our own students from the tailoring class..

Great decor, we had 3 tents, a DJ .

What a…

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