Wishing all our runners and walkers the best at the One Cause Harrow Half Marathon today! http://bit.ly/1dZkX9U

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Congratulations to Paul Zerdin on winning America’s Got Talent 2015!

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Mufasa on Sunday at the Harrow Half! http://bit.ly/1dZkX9U

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It may be wet during the week, but Sunday promises to be sunny! Join us for the Harrow Half Marathon, walk it or run it!! http://bit.ly/1dZkX9U

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Special thanks to Davinder and team from Brighton for collecting all these books to stock up the Nirvana School library! One Cause director Rajen travels to India today and has packed them all in 2 big suitcases, and they are heavy… hope they don’t break before they get there!

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One Cause at Auro School 2015

A few clips and videos from our trip to Auro School,Uganda!

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