He came, he ran and he conquered… the toughest ultra marathon in the world!

The start – 5.40 am!


Earlier this year, we told you about Piyush Gudka, 56 years old this year, and attempting the 56 mile Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa to raise money for One Cause and Fit4Nothing. This ultra marathon has been called the biggest ultra-marathon in the world

How a School Dinner Raised £100,000?

“Martha Payne was enterprising school girl. So when she sat down with her dad to figure out what she could do for her school writing project, they both decided it would be a great idea if she started a school dinner blog.

Every day Martha would take a photo of her school meal and describe how appetising or awful it is; this would allow Martha to develop writing skills.  She would…

40 years on.. my first trip back to Uganda (by Piyush Navinbhai Patel)

The three of us travelling to Uganda. From Left – Dilip Patel, Aashish Nathwani and me.

As we drove to Kampala upon arrival in Uganda, my senses immediately brought back memories of my childhood spent here. We went to the exchange bureau and the staff were shocked at the

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